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“A New Digital Era of Aviation: The Path Forward for Airspace and Traffic Management”

In this paper, Airbus & Boeing demonstrate how UTM can safely and efficiently advance future airspace and traffic management.

We are Airbus UTM

Airbus UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) is building digital air traffic management solutions to enable the next age of aviation. We design, develop, and build the critical infrastructure necessary to allow new aircraft, including air taxis and delivery drones, to safely enter and share the skies of our future. 

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Our Core Principles to UTM Deployment


The ability to support UTM functions at scale: whether the various operations that a UTM must provide can reasonably be built using this platform. 


The platform must be able to enable a UTM system that is sufficiently reliable and available for safe operation at scale. It must allow the holistic design of failure handling across the system.


​The platform, as a core system component, is sufficiently secure for safe operation. High assurance development, authorization and authentication, and defense in depth mechanisms must be supported.


​The platform must support future vehicle, missions, and systems. The world is changing rapidly and we must design a system which can support this.


Defining standards and regulatory frameworks that drive interoperability are critical to ensuring overall efficiency and safety of UTM deployments. 

Work With a Leader

Airbus is a global leader in aerospace, defense and related services. Not only is Airbus UTM able to leverage Airbus’ decades-long history of technological excellence in aviation, we are able to expand on the already established relationships with the regulatory & industry organizations critical to successfully deploying a comprehensive UTM framework.​

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