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About Airbus UTM

Airbus UTM is building digital air traffic management solutions to enable the next age of aviation.

The aerospace industry is moving incredibly quickly with innovations in aircraft types, sizes, and flight capabilities. In 2017, the total number of registered drones, including both commercial and consumer, eclipsed one million in the US alone. In order to support this growth, a more modernized and scalable approach to air traffic control is needed.

The Airbus UTM Approach: Building UTM for today, and tomorrow.

By combining real-world data from drone and manned aircraft operations today, with the data sets and lessons learned from testing advanced services in our simulation environment, Airbus is in a unique position to build out a sustainable UTM ecosystem - one that will work not just for today or tomorrow, but for the next 50 years. As the world’s largest manned aircraft manufacturer, Airbus understands that a long term UTM framework must consider all airspace users and the impact that integration of unmanned traffic will have on commercial aviation.

Airbus UTM utilizes a proprietary simulation environment to examine the airspace of the future.  We use this environment to create data sets for scenarios that simply don't exist yet: like wide scale drone delivery in urban areas.  Our simulation prototype allows us to better understand these future environments, developing the low altitude UTM services needed today with the long term UTM ecosystem in view. That long term UTM ecosystem is one that integrates UTM effectively into the existing and evolving air traffic management (ATM) framework.

UTM and the digitalization of our global airspace provide an opportunity to evolve traffic management in general. The UTM concepts and services being developed today are establishing the building blocks for the management of all airspace, for all airspace users, into the future.  UTM will offer digital and automated services which can pave the way for more advanced air traffic management services and new concepts of operation - while working alongside and converging with current ATM advancements.

Airbus UTM is part of Airbus Urban Air Mobility (UAM), a new unit which aims to lay the foundations for more efficient and sustainable city travel. 

At Airbus UTM, we pride ourselves on having a diverse set of backgrounds and professional experiences.

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