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We want to help you keep your skies safe & efficient.

Airbus UTM is already integrated with today’s Air Traffic Management (ATM) solutions. We are an approved FAA LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Navigation Capability) service provider - allowing us to give FAA authorizations for UAS flights near airports. Our UTM solutions are also being used in Singapore to enable BVLOS package delivery.

Our team of aerospace engineers, designers and business leaders have spent years executing research and tests to determine our recommendations on the best approach for a future UTM - and we want to help you! 

Leverage Airbus UTM for your airspace design and analysis consultancy – helping you evaluate safe practices, understand current airspace usage, analyze risk and propose new airspace structure.

A full evaluation of national airspace and current processes is necessary to start the safe integration of unmanned aircraft into the airspace. The first step of UTM rollout is to evaluate safe practices, understand current airspace usage patterns, and propose new airspace structure and procedures to enable safe, secure efficient operations.

Airbus’s subject matter experts bring years of front-line air traffic control and design experience to evaluating airspace usage patterns around the world. Coupled with our proprietary airspace analysis tools, we provide an unmatched depth of technical analysis.

Getting started on your UTM journey

Consultancy Features

Calculation of midair collision risk (airspace encounter risk) for any point on earth, by altitude and time of day.

Design of airspace authorization programs including automated UAS flight approval

Optimized design of preferred routes and procedures

Modeling of vertiport operations, metering and scheduling, and effects on airspace usage patterns.

Flow management and congestion assessment

Get started with Airbus UTM

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