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Community Perception Study

An Assessment of Public Perception of Urban Air Mobility (UAM)


As the aircraft entering our skies change, there is an increased discussion of Urban Air Mobility (UAM): how it will be deployed, questions around safety, concerns on noise, and much more. But thus far, these conversations have occurred between experts and stakeholders in the industry rather than taking into account the opinions of the general public. Airbus UTM a group designing digital traffic management within the Airbus Urban Mobility Unit, sought to change this with its Preliminary Community Perception Study. 


The study surveyed 1,500 members of the public around the world to determine their perceptions of safety, noise, inequity, visual pollution, and privacy when it comes to the deployment of UAM. The research found that 44 percent are in support of, or in strong support of the initiative, with 41 percent believing these aircrafts to be safe to very safe which only serves to further back the growing excitement around the deployment of UAM. 


In order to ensure this study captured as many opinions from the general public as possible, respondents had a chance to rank the top concerns for UAM implementation in their communities in addition to a variety of other questions. Those top concerns based on the ranking of respondents include: safety (55 percent), type of sound generated from the aircraft (49 percent), and volume of sound from the aircraft (48 percent). These opinions and many more are explored and analyzed throughout the full study. 

To read the study in full download using the button below.

We stand at a thrilling point in the history of aviation.

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